Alarming Child Abuse Epidemic in Pakistan

Alarming Child Abuse Epidemic in Pakistan

We are living in an era that is now developed enough to take a stand on issues that once were barely able to make it to the headlines of any popular newspaper or better to the headline of any news bulletin. The world has evolved a lot in the last few years and has learned to raise voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Movements against racism and patriarchy are few justifiable examples that have received major breakthroughs with passing years. With joined hands, more awareness and efforts, the world has fought a lot in the past decade against the stigma involving rape victims and their families. Still, Child Molestation and Rape are issues that the world has not punched hard yet.

Molestation against children is not just an issue of any particular country or state, rather it is a dilemma that is affecting every part of the world daily. Talking about my own country, my developing homeland, Pakistan, my country has been fighting or to say it honestly, is greatly struggling to tackle child molestation, rapes and what not. With each passing day in Pakistan, numerous children are kidnapped, raped and dragged to death. Recently first three weeks of March explained to everyone how helpless we are in fighting the evil among us. Not one, two but five children were mercilessly abducted, raped and out of them, three were horrifically murdered.

The authorities that inspected the cases supported their criminal godfathers out of fear as expected. Such brutal Kasur like incidents are haunting the locals, becoming a cause of their sleepless nights. The progress after the last brutal Kasur incident that Pakistan has made to tackle such crimes is a mere joke honestly. The Solutions that we have in hand are not much to count. The critical need of the time is the development and remolding of mindsets. Plus it is now most important to trace and eradicate the root of these crimes. Regardless of whom you blame to be the reason for these crimes, if mindsets are not worked upon, the changes won’t reflect ever. Also, Power, if not handled correctly can bring devastating consequences to society.

Education is the only way forward that can bring pleasing changes to society. To the authorities, I beg for the safety of my state’s little angels as that is the only option I as a civilian have. If I had power, I would have brought justice to the poor swiftly. I feel devastated that I can’t help the affected ones much. Wishing victims all the power and blessings.

What role are you playing in protecting child around you?

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